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Selling a Home the Elite Way!

#1    Listing Your Home


Listing your home with BM Elite Group is the first step on the path to a successful closing and getting the most money for your home.  We possess a wealth of knowledge about our local city neighborhoods and suburb communities.  Our agents are well trained and well prepared to assist you from beginning to end to help you feel at ease, confident and informed throughout the process of selling your home.


To start, your specialist agent will suggest specific improvements and modifications to enhance your home’s salability, create a customized marketing plan that best highlights your property’s features in the current market and present you with an expert Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) – at no additional costs to you – which helps you determine the best path to sell your home for top dollar.

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#2    Customized Marketing Plan


We understand the evolution of marketing real estate for the highest return on your investment.  Technology has profoundly impacted this evolution over the last several years.  Our full-time marketing specialists utilize many forms of technology in selling your home fast and for the highest amount.  They will work behind-the-scenes to ensure that your home is highly visible to any and all potential buyers in a variety of different ways most agents do not invest the time in or staff to execute.  Upon listing your home, it will be entered on over 100 different sites with over 250,000 agents, placed on the company website and marketed worldwide.  We use the Internet, social media and several real estate websites put your home in the public eye with our professional photography and videography of your home as part of our free services to you.

#3     Pricing, Showing and Selling 


BM Elite Group has created a highly effective plan to sell your home fast and for the most amount you deserve.  Several factors go into establishing the selling price of your home:


  • Location, Location, Location and Location.  This familiar adage is well known for a reason.  The location of your home is the foremost contributing factor in pricing your home.  A small house is a desirable, high-demand area may sell for more than a larger home with more features in a less sought-after area.  Convenience to schools, town centers, retail areas and recreational facilities, for example, may affect the final selling price of your home.  

  • Condition.  The condition of your home is critical in determining the price someone will be willing to pay.  A well-maintained, clean home will present much better than a home with much needed outstanding repairs.  And a fully renovated home is even better.  We assist many buyers with renovating their homes with no upfront out-of-pocket costs to them through our Elite Concierge Program (click here to learn more).  Curb appeal or a buyers first impression of your home’s exterior and landscaping may determine whether or not a showing is successful.  

  • Amenities.  A home that has features that are sought after in your area will dictate a higher price.  

  • Price Per Square Foot.  The average price per square foot may be taken into consideration when pricing a home, but it is not a sure-fire method.  Since many formulas exist to calculate square footage, ask one of our real estate specialist about the most common method used in your neighborhood.

  • Home Warranty.  A Home Protection Plan that protects a buyer during the first year of homeownership may add salability to your home.


You may love your home and have many happy memories associated with it.  Perhaps you have lived there for several years and raised your family this lovely home.  Sellers most often have emotional attachments to their homes.  Though you may feel that you are the most qualified to show a buyer, we trust that you will leave that up to the agent as we advise you leave your home while it is being shown.  To ensure the best showing possible, make your home inviting and welcoming by creating mood lighting, adjusting temperatures, decluttering, adding decorative touches and removing all personal items from view.


The day has arrived for the final step in selling your home – the closing.  The closing, also known as the settlement or escrow, in simplest terms is when money is taken in from the buyer and paid out to you the seller.  The closing can take place in person or by mail and is handled by primarily with the Title and Escrow company along with the real estate brokerage.  Let’s get to closing together!  Don’t chance your biggest investment to any other real estate agent that do not provide the services that we do and have the track record that we have. Call us today to sell your home by a top producing real estate team to get every dollar you deserve.  

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